The cost per session for either an adult or young person are outlined below. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. See below for payment and cancellation terms.

The price reflects more than just the time within the session:

After each session:

  • I write up your notes
  • I create a bespoke Wordweave audio for you
  • I work out the best techniques for you for the next session
  • If required, I do some research around your issue
  • I talk to my supervisor about our sessions whilst keeping your anonymity
  • I am always thinking of new ways to help you
Adults (18+)*

1st session

1.5 hours

Adults (18+)*


1 hour


Blocks of 3

10% discount

Young people (16+)


1 hour

Under 16 years old

All sessions

up to 40 mins


* Discretionary discounts might be available

Payment terms

Fees are payable via bank transfer and payable in advance of the session. This can be done via BACS, just drop me an email if you need the details.

Cancellation terms

In the event that no notice, or less than 24 hours notice of cancellation of an appointment is given, no refund will be eligible. Any appointment cancelled by the therapist will not be charged.

If the session is in person and less than a week's notice is given, the therapist reserves the right to deduct the room rental fee from the refund.