Sessions for adults

All sessions can take place online (via Google Meet) or in person at one of my therapy rooms.

If you haven't been to a therapy session before it can be a bit daunting. Below is a summary of what to expect to take the mystery out of it.

The number of sessions required for each client vary. The average is 3-6 sessions but is not set in stone as everyone is unique in their requirements. I will work with you at your pace.

Discovery call

This is the first step to see if we will work well together. During the free 30 minute call I will take down some details about what prompted you to contact me and the issue you wish to bring to therapy. I explain a bit about how I work and where it may take place, either online or in person.

I will also explain what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is and how it could help you towards the you, you want to be.

We can go through any questions you might have, even the ones that might stop you from going ahead with therapy.

I want you to be comfortable with the therapist you ultimately choose so no question is silly and I won't mind if you change your mind as the most important thing is you.

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First session

The first session is normally around 1 - 1.5 hours long. During this first session I will take a history take. This is a set of questions asked in a gentle, calm and non judgemental way and is used to guide me to really understand your issue. It can sometimes be a light bulb moment for some clients in working out what they want their future to look like. This will give me the necessary information to work out what techniques might work best for you in future sessions in order to get you to the place you want to be.

The history take will take place as a conversation. No hypnotherapy will take place during this session as we are still getting to know each other.

We will set some goals as to what you would like to achieve from the sessions and we can use this as a guide to see if we are on course during future sessions.

Following the session I will send you a relaxation audio to help you get used to my voice and start a habit of listening to it every day ready for when I send you your wordweave audio.

Sometimes the history take can take more than 1 session depending on the amount of information shared. Sometimes clients find they haven't had someone that will listen to them for years, even decades, so it can be a lot to unpack. This is normal and nothing to be worried about, I will always go at your pace and will never rush you. I work collaboratively with you.

Further sessions

Further sessions last for 1 hour. Following the first session I will normally have everything I need to get started and choose a technique that is best suited to you.

I work collaboratively with you so I will talk you through the hypnotherapy technique and make sure you are comfortable to continue before we start.

After the technique, we will go through anything that cropped up for you and prehaps give you some homework (depending on the issue).

A few days after the technique I will send you a unique audio called a WordWeave to prime your unconscious mind to absorb and accept the changes we are making in the sessions. The audios are normally between 6-10 minutes long. Ideally this should be listened to every day to get the maximum effect. However, it's not the end of the world if you don't get a chance to listen every night as something is better than nothing.

The session following a technique is a check-in to see what has cropped up (if anything) since the last session and to see if there has been any improvement. Depending on the outcome will dictate what we do in the following sessions.

During each session I will do a quick questionnaire so we can look back and see your progress so you can see how far you have come during the sessions. Some of my clients really like this as it gives them something to focus on and shows improvement.

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