About me

Hi I'm Lindsay and I'm a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, coach & Thought Field Therapy (TFT) practitioner. I thought I had a plan for my life, little did I know that life had different plans.

As a child I went to 3 primary schools, 2 secondary schools and 2 colleges. I didn't get expelled, as much as it sounds that way! My family moved to different counties so I had to make and lose a lot of friends along the way. This was pre social media so we were all a little lazy with the letter writing. I still remember the anxiety of starting all the different schools and getting fed up of having to pack up and leave. I became guarded and slowly stopped making friends as it was inevitable that I would leave.

I moved to one school half way through year 9. Little did anyone know I had been taught the same half of the year twice so when it came to SATs I'd missed half of the year's education! After the exams I was so upset I thought I was stupid that I didn't know it.

That's why I have a passion to help young people understand that the feelings they are feeling are valid and normal. I didn't have anyone to explain this to me so I want to help young people navigate life and enjoy it.

My life has consisted of traumatic events, a toxic family life, narcissistic abuse and undiagnosed medical conditions. When I realised I was CNBC, the door to the future I thought I had was closed. It looked very black. I felt I had no purpose. I have a passion to help other childless women find their purpose, as I found there is hope and joy in a life that was unexpected.

I started my career as a software developer after graduating university in 2004. I spent nearly 20 years building websites, but due to medical conditions and frustration at life not going according to plan I lost my way and the love for my career. I've lost friends along the way due to not having the same life as them. I've felt lost, overwhelmed, guilty, shame, not worthy, disconnected and many more.

I decided I needed some help and saw a number of different types of therapists. The only type of therapy that stuck for me and made the most change was Hypnotherapy. So I decided to retrain as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist at the renowned Quest Institute to help childless women find their purpose so they don't feel as lost and alone as I felt.

I can tell you from experience that there is hope, there is joy and you can find your purpose even if it wasn't what you had planned. You might find this hard to believe but I now feel that I was always meant to be on this path.

If you feel I could help then please book a discovery call so we can discuss in further detail.

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Qualifications: Bsc(Hons), DipCHyp, HPD, PNLP, MNCH (Reg.)

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD):
    • Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping Training - April 2024
    • Hypno4Children Practitioner training - March 2024
    • Talk Safe. The Ollie Foundation - November 2023
    • Plan Safe. The Ollie Foundation - October 2023
    • Advanced Safeguarding Children (Level 2). High Speed Training - October 2023
    • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Tracey Grist - August 2023
    • Working with Menopause for therapists and coaches. Pat Duckworth - June 2023

I believe that it is essential to keep up to date of advances in the field of therapy and attend lectures and courses regularly.

I am a member of QCHPA and the NCH and are bound by their code of ethics. I am fully insured via Holistic Insurance Services. I hold an enhanced DBS certificate.